Six Sigma Quality Control

Six Sigma quality control is only a few mouse clicks away! Learn about Six Sigma examples of good links on this website and then follow them to see if the Six Sigma knowledge you need is right around the corner on one of those websites. We'll explain the Six Sigma Way and Six Sigma project management for you.

First, you need to know what Six Sigma is! Whether your business is small or large, you need to learn the basics of Six Sigma quality assurance in order to get a leg up in the modern business world. Motorola established the Six Sigma quality measuring and improvement program in order to focus on controlling a production process within about 3 or 4 defects per million items produced (in other words, six sigma, or standard deviations). This type of project management (PM) identifies factors that are critical to product quality. If a customer wouldn't like it, you need to make sure not to make it that way!

Six Sigma helps businesses reduce variations from the normal production process, improve their capabilities, increase their corporate stability and design computer systems that are geared toward reaching the six sigma goal. Imagine that you're a potato chip maker. Would you be satisfied if on of every thousand bags contained, say, a bolt? Of course not (unless you're just plain sadistic)! How about one in ten thousand? Try three in a million - not containing major defects like bolts, but rather something small like a single hair - and you'll see how strict six sigma control is.

Now, get out there and search for six sigma links. Your quality control may need updating, so look at all the Six Sigma sites you can and settle on a solution that helps you improve your business without costing you a fortune.


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