Sales Contact Management

Are you on the lookout for great sales contact management software? If you need to know where to find contact management and software contact management, this brief guide will be helpful to you. We'll point you toward a few of the best publishers of basic sales contact software for companies of all sizes. is widely recognized as a global pioneer in CRM on demand over the Web. This website empowers businesses with a customizable, comprehensive sales software solution to manage the entire customer lifecycle. You can get sales results fast and benefit from powerful features such as contact management, sales forecasting, analysis and contact lead capture.

The NetCRM Sale Force Automation from NetSuite can help you manage your contacts and sales easily and fully. This includes post-sale follow-up meetings with contacts over the phone, on the Web or in person. It also includes order entry of each sale and business contact, as well as contact customer support.

Also, from Microsoft, there's the Outlook 2003 Business Contact Manager. If you have Outlook with Web access, this sales contact manager can assist you in connecting with contacts and managing your business. Sales opportunities, contact accounts and more are all stored in one program to allow you to spend more time with your contacts.

Finally, look at GoldMine Corporate Edition from FrontRange Solutions. This software has won awards and features a flexible set of options to help you manage your sales and contacts, improve your sales percentages, organize contact information and automate administrative tasks (think macros) so you don't have to spend as much time fiddling with contact data.


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